What is ABS Full Form

ABS full form is the Anti-lock Braking System. There is a common feature found in many cars and bikes. ABS used for safety in the car or in the bike. ABS is a system that protects your tires from locking.

Suppose you are riding a car or bike, apply the brakes, then your vehicle’s wheel stops rotating. Your tires get jammed and it is not that you will stop due to tire jam, but you will slip somewhere on the road.

if your car or bike is at speed then your sliding friction will be much higher than the rolling friction. If you apply the brake at the same time, then you will not stop there and then move forward.

So at this time, you will lose control over your bike or car, due to sudden stopping you may also get hurt.

That’s why ABS develop to solve this problem. ABS works very intelligently for these types of situations. ABS has some sensors on your wheel and they find out how the speed of your vehicle is decreasing.

At the rate of speed of the vehicle, they find out what to do. If the wheels get jammed at that time, then they send the signal through the sensor and control the brake automatically. ABS apply your brakes in the form of pulses.

Your vehicles not only stops in this but stops in the best possible way, your wheels do not get jammed at all.

Due to this, your vehicles don’t skid over the road and you have complete control over the vehicles while applying the brakes.

ABS Full Form

Working process

Sensors installed in the wheel of the vehicle and it sends the data to the control unit of the vehicle to analyze the data.

The control unit analyzes the speed at which the rates are changing, whether the wheel is going to lock or not. If the wheels are locking, then the brake pressure is slightly released so that the vehicle comes into motion. After that, it again stops. ABS works on the special start and stop method.

Types of ABS

1. Single-channel ABS

In this, ABS units only installed in the front tire and no ABS unit installed in the rear wheel.

That is why if you press the brake of the rear tire, then there is no ABS in it because your vehicle stops suddenly, you can fall and you may get hurt.

Vehicles using single-channel ABS: Hornet, Gixer, etc.

2. Double-channel ABS

In this, the unit of ABS fitted in the front tire as well as in the Rear tire. If you press any one brake, your vehicle will stop safely.

But if you press two brakes simultaneously, there will be a difference in speed between the front tire and the rear tire.

So in this case, ABS first deceases the speed of both tires and balance the speed of both the tires and then apply brakes in your vehicle. And this process is very fast.

Vehicles using double channel ABS: KTM, CBR, etc.

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