RTGS Full Form

RTGS Full Form: Real-Time Gross Settlement

RTGS full form is Real Time Gross Settlement. It refers to a money transfer system that enables the immediate transfer of money with security. RTGS means transactions are Handel and settlement individually.This Process organizes by the country's central bank, so a large amount of money can transfer through it and RTGS is a continuous funds transfer by order basis....


NEFT Full Form

NEFT Full Form: National Electronic funds transfer

NEFT full form is National Electronic funds transfer. National Electronic Funds Transfer introduced by the Reserve Bank Of India. It is an electronic transfer of money from one bank to another and it is an Indian System.It mandatory for all banks on SEFT (Special Economic Funds Transfer System) to migrate with NEFT(National Electronic Funds Transfer)...


ATM Full Form

ATM Full Form:Automated Teller Machine

ATM full form is an Automated Teller Machine. It is the machine that dispenses cash and performs many non-financial activities like balance enquire, mini statement, atm pin generation, fund transfer, etc.ATM  invented by John shepherd-Barron. THE first ATM installed in June 1967 at Barclay’s Enfield Town Branch.