ISO Full Form

ISO Full Form: International Organization for Standardization
ISO full form is the International Organization for Standardization. It is a specialized international organization dedicated to standardization in all technical and non-technical fields, except electrical and electronic engineering (under the responsibility of the International Electrotechnical Commission).What most people believe is that ISO stands for International Standards Organization, which publishes international standards for products and services...


NTPC Full Form

NTPC Full Form: National Thermal Power Corporation

NTPC full form is National Thermal Power Corporation. NTPC India's largest thermal power corporation company, according to the installed capacity and production capacity. Apart from power generation, NTPC involves in Power Trading, Equipment Manufacturing, Power Distribution, also works on Renewable Energy and Coal Mining. NTPC has 33 power stations for coal mining, 7 gas stations for Combined Cycle Gas/Liquid fuel, 11 Solar Projects ...


FDI Full Form

FDI Full Form: Foreign direct investment

FDI full form is Foreign direct investment. If a foreign company or person invests his money abroad, then the invested money called FDI. If a non-resident company invests money in a resident company then the invested amount called Foreign Direct Investment(FDI). The foreign company buys shares or debentures of the home company means to invest in a home company is known as Foreign direct investment...