What is CNG Full Form

CNG full form is Compressed Natural Gas. Natural gas compressed under high temperature and high pressure is called CNG. It brought from the gaseous state to the liquid state.CNG is a mixture of hydrocarbons found inside the earth.

CNG contains 80 to 90% of methane gas. Burning CNG requires more than 540 degrees of heat. This known colorless order less and the least environmentally polluting.

When petroleum excavated, CNG releases. Petroleum is on the bottom surface but natural gas is on the top rock. Natural gas released at the time of excavation and later petroleum extracted.

The natural gas contains is a fossil fuel. The animals or plants buried under the soil due to any natural disaster.

The body slowly rotated due to high pressure and high temperature, and gradually made coal, petroleum, and natural gas.

In CNG mainly find methane. Methane(CH4) has only one carbon atom, so CNG also has the least environmentally polluting. We know that the lower the amount of carbon means less pollution.

It is lighter than LPG, then the risk of accidents is less.

CNG Full Form

Use of CNG

CNG use in vehicles in the form of fuel. CNG use in most big cities so that the pollution of vehicles minimized. Polluted cities like Delhi and Agra.

Along with natural gas, Helium also comes out at the time of GNG excavation.

Helium used to inflate the balloons and to fill the air in the airplane tires as it is very light. Hydrogen that is in CNG  use to make fertilizers such as urea.

Disadvantages of CNG As fuel

The cost of CNG is very high and about 30 to 35 thousand spent to put CNG in your car.

Driving on CNG heats the engine of the vehicle,

Applying CNG requires a lot of care for oil and air filters.

If you drive a vehicle on CNG, it’s recommended that you change your oil from time to time and also check the air filter.

Installing CNG in a new car expires its warranty period


  • CNG cylinders weighing 10 or 14 kg fit easily into the vehicle.
  • CNG gives more mileage than petrol. Where you get 15 kilometers of mileage in 1-liter petrol, you will get 20 to 22 mileage.
  • Compared to petrol and diesel, CNG spreads very little pollution. That’s why there is more demand for CNG vehicles nowadays.
  • CNG costs less than petrol diesel.
  • Using PNG reduces engine noise, which not known in every vehicle. Goods reduced due to which the vehicle becomes smooth.

From the point of view of Fuel, CNG is much less polluting than petrol, diesel, gasoline, and LPG. That why CNG  called a cleaner fuel than other fuels.

In terms of cost, the cost of CNG is less than all those fuels.

In the future CNG is a good option than petrol, diesel, LPG, and gasoline. One will save money and other pollution also reduced.

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