What is CO Full Form

CO full form is Circle Officer. The Circle Officer is the Chief Officer of a Zone. They have all the land documents and if there is any dispute of the land, to solve disputes all go to them.

The registration of land is done by the CEO itself. Ration distribution is done by them through ration cards.

The main job of the CO to solve the land dispute. All the scams or disputes in the matter of land resolved by the CO. Income certificate, cast certificate, Residential certificate, etc. all the papers issued by CO.

CO Full Form

Eligibility for CO

To become CO, you need to have at least a graduate. Graduation works even if you are from any stream.

Age must be at least 21 years. The maximum age limit of CO is 32 years. For SC ST & OBC, relaxation is given from 3 to 5 years.

Examination Process

CO exam mainly is done by State PCS. PCS has a full form of Public Service Commission.If you are in any state, you can become CO by giving the PSC exam of that state.

For example in Bihar state the exam is Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC), In Andhra Pradesh, it is Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC), In Goa, it is Goa Public Service Commission, etc.

Government facilities

The CO gave a house to live in and a car to roam or go to the office, along with a driver also provided to the CO.Through promotion from CO, you can also move to a bigger position

CO Full Form: Cobalt

Cobalt is a chemical substance and its atomic number is 27 that the chemical symbol is CO.

It’s first used in the Bronze Age and after that hair used to make colored glass.

Cobalt also used mainly for the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, magnetic materials, and alloys.

It also used for radiotherapy, industrial radiography, and condensation.

Cobalt also used as a bolt-in truck.

The cobalt discovered by a Swedish chemist, Georg Brandt in 1739.

Due to being a gamma-ray in Cobalt, it also uses for cancer.