CPU Full Form

CPU Full Form:  Central processing unit

CPU Full form is the central processing unit. It’s also called the electronic brain of the computer. The CPU in a computer usually looks like a chip and it controls various devices connected to the computer.

The CPU manages and organizes all the information coming from the user and the one who does all this work is called the processor. The processor made up of many components such as an arithmetic unit and control unit.

In simple language, CPU is a unit that used for data processing and storage and it converts that raw data into Meaningful full Information.

In the CPU processor placed in the motherboard. The motherboard is a rigid rectangular card with a lot of circuits attaches to it. The motherboard combines the processor and other devices that make up the computer.

In most personal computers, some components are directly connected to the motherboard and in some computers, the components are placed directly on the circuit board. The circuit board is connected by an external slot on the motherboard.

The processing capacity of a CPU or computer measured by the amount of data processed by the CPU in an operation.

CPU Full Form

Units of CPU

There are three types of unit in a CPU that is Arithmetic and logical unit, Control unit, and Memory unit. Let’s talk briefly about these three units

1. Arithmetic and logical unit

ALU is an electronic circuit within the CPU. ALU used for economic operations such as Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. This unit also used for Logical operation such as less than, greater than equality.

It operates on the data provided by the input device by the end-user. The logical operation is used to determine which statement is true and which statement is false. It means true and false identified by this operation.

ALU processes that information is in the main memory. After the operation completed, it sends that data back to the main memory.

2. Control unit

The control unit controls the activities of all other units in the CPU. Its main function is to control the transfer of data and information and its forced to take the appropriate action is to be initiated by the arithmetic and logical unit.

Now conceptually the control unit receives instructions from memory and decodes them and directs various units to do the specified work.

3. Memory unit

The main memory called primary memory. The main memory of a computer used to store data temporarily.

Although the CPU does all the work on the computer, the CPU has to give instructions about what to do with the data.

Once the CPU follows the instructions, the resulting data needs a storage place. This storage space is provided by computer memory.

The data provided by the input device and the output data after processing that data also stored in the memory unit.

The storage capacity of memory usually measured in KB(Kilobyte), MB(MegaByte), GB(GigaByte), TB(TeraByte), PB(Peta Byte), etc.


We can say that the CPU is the most important part of the computer because of all types of information processed in the CPU.

CPU process all the input information put by an end-user and processes it and gives the desired output to the end-user.

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