LLB Full Form

LLB Full Form: Bachelor of Law

LLB Full Form is a Bachelor of Legislative Law. Bachelor of Legislative Law (LLB) is the most popular career for a student and it is a very respected career because the law is a very popular career option in India for a long time. Law helps to develop skills communication, problem-solving, and judgment and this course are 3 years. India has more than 1200 LLB colleges and these colleges include many national universities. In India Bar Council Of India(BCI)...


UPSC Full Form

UPSC Full Form: Union Public Service Commission

UPSC full form is Union Public Service Commission. It's commonly abbreviated as UPSC is the first central recruitment agency in India. He is responsible for appointments and examinations for all Indian services and Central Service Groups A and B. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is the prime agency of the competitive examination of the central government.UPSC established on 1-October 1926. It is an independent primer organization for the requirement...


USA Full Form

USA Full Form: United States of America

USA full form is the United States of America. It comes under the North American continent. America owns the world's second-largest nuclear power. The population of the USA is around 325720000. The largest city in the USA is New Work and its capital is Washington DC. The currency of the USA is USD i.e United States Dollar which is a very famous currency. The official language of the USA is English but Spanish, Chinese, and French also is seen...