MSP Full Form

MSP Full Form:Minimum Support Price

MSP full form is Minimum Support Price. It is the lowest price above which government agencies like FCI(Food Corporation of India) and private agency purchased crops from farmers. For example, the government has disintegrated the minimum support price of rice at ₹ 2000. The farmer will not get less than ₹ 2000 from the government, who will sell his rice to the government or any private agency they will get money on the basis of MSP...


RNA Full Form

RNA Full Form: Ribonucleic Acid

RNA full form is Ribonucleic acid. RNA is formed in the cells of the cell, not in the nucleus. Most of the RNAs are found in the cytoplasm.The number of RNAs in the cell is not fixed because the molecules per thousand of cells are produced every time. Similar to DNA, molecules of RNA are also made of four types of nucleotides monomers, and the nucleotides molecules of RNA are called ribonucleotides. The number of ribonucleotides in molecules of ...


WTO Full Form

WTO Full Form: World Trade Organization

WTO full form is World Trade Organization. The WTO is an international organization. It is an organization that promotes foreign trade and also it is an intergovernmental organization. The WTO was established in 1995 under the Marrakesh Agreement.164 Country is a member of WTO and 98% of world trade is done through WTO. Its headquarters are in Geneva Switzerland. Afghanistan became its last member of WTO in 2016. The meeting ...