LPG Full Form

LPG Full Form: Liquefied petroleum gas

LPG full form is liquefied petroleum gas. LPG is mainly petroleum gas. Heating petroleum at 30°C gives petroleum gas and then it is compressed and brought to liquid form. This liquid form is called LPG. Petroleum gas has a lot of gas mixtures. It is mainly a mixture of Propane and Butane and it is also found with some amount of Ethan. The LPG that comes in the cylinder has a liquid form because in it petroleum gas is poured into that gas cylinder with...


ABS Full Form

ABS Full Form: Anti-lock Braking System

ABS full form is the Anti-lock Braking System. They're a common feature found in many cars and bikes. ABS used for safety in the car or in the bike.ABS is a system that protects your tires from locking.Suppose you are riding a car or bike, apply the brakes, then your vehicle's wheel stops rotating. Your tires get jammed and it is not that you will stop due to tire jam, but you will slip somewhere on the road...


CO Full Form

CO Full Form: commanding officer

CO full form is  Circle Officer. The Circle Officer(CO) is the Chief Officer of a Zone. They have all the land documents and if there is any dispute of the land, to solve disputes all go to them. The registration of land is done by the CEO itself. Ration distribution is done by them through ration cards. The main job of the CO to solve the land dispute. All the scams or disputes in the matter of land resolved by the CO.Income certificate, cast certificate, Residential certificate, etc. all the papers started...