SOS Full Form

SOS Full Form: Si Opus Sit/ Save Our Ship Or Save Our Souls

SOS full form is ‘Si Opus Sit’ which suggests ‘if needed’. It is a word which uses in an emergency. If a person trapped somewhere in the desert or in the sea, where there is no nomination of the human being, then the time SOS is resorted to. You get SOS to write in such a large area that it can be easily seen even from the sky. A helicopter going, by the way, can see the symbol and rescue the survivors. Direct means is that you have to show a lot in an...


CNG Full Form

Full form of CNG:Compressed natural gas

CNG full form is Compressed Natural Gas. Natural gas compressed under high temperature and high pressure is called as CNG. It brought from the gaseous state to the liquid state.CNG is a mixture of hydrocarbons found inside the earth.CNG contains 80 to 90% of methane gas. Burning CNG requires more than 540 degrees of heat. This known colorless order less and the least environmentally polluting. When petroleum excavated, CNG releases...


NGO Full Form

Full form of NGO:  Non-governmental Organization

NGO full form is Non-Governmental Organization. The main objective of an NGO is social welfare. These are private organizations that do public welfare and social service. Society served in a different way from NGOs such as providing houses and food for poor people to live. There are so many people in the world who become victims of oppression, Some people throw their old parents out of the house, somewhere women are left alone due to divorce ...