What is HIV Full Form

HIV full form is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It reduces immunity power inside humans. The situation that creates or causes disease due to the HIV virus coming into the body is called HIV AIDS(Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome).

If the virus got into your body from somewhere and then the immunity power of the body is got weak and when the immune system of the body is down, there are a lot of changes to see in it. This Situation or disease is known as HIV AIDS.

HIV virus destroys immune system cells in the body i.e. Cd4 cells or also called t-cells. After T-CELL is over, the body loses the strength to fight the disease.

HIV Full Form

What happens after HIV enters your body?

Usually, symptoms do not appear immediately after getting HIV, it may take several years for you to get sick. Generally, after being HIV infected, they look completely healthy and feel healthy.

It can usually take 10 years or more to see any symptoms of HIV. It can take even longer for people taking HIV medicine.

For the first two or four weeks after becoming infected with HIV, you have fever or body pain. Normal flu-like symptoms appear in your body and you feel ill. And this symptom is the first reaction of HIV infection.

During this time there are too many viruses in your body and it is very easy to spread. This is the symptom that appears in your body for just a few weeks and then you feel healthy for years.

How HIV transfer from one to another?

  • HIV AIDS spreads if the blood of a person infected with HIV mixed with the blood of a healthy man.
  • HIV can spread even if the semen of a sick man goes inside a healthy person.
  • Vaginal discharge can also spread HIV. The vaginal Fluid of sick people also spread HIV AIDS.
  • A mother who has breastfed can also spread this disease.
  • If a sick woman becomes pregnant, she can spread it to her child as well.
  • It can also spread by Anal secretions.
  • A thick white coating appears on your organism or mouth.
  • The throat is very bad. There is a chronic pelvic inflammatory disease such as a severe infection.
  • Extreme fatigue, dizziness, and headache also felt.
  • The weight loses fast and you get hurt easily.
  • Diarrhea or fever persists for a long time and usually sweating at night.
  • The throat becomes swollen in the glands of the waist and armpits and you can feel those glands easily by applying your hand.
  • There is a deep and dry cough, and breathing also hurts.
  • Bleeding from the nose, the mouth, and vaginal bleeding also happen.
  • The hands and feet become very weak and your muscles lose strength. With this, your reflexes also decrease.
How does It spread in the daily routine?

The main reason for this unprotected sex. For example, HIV spreads if a man or woman has unprotected sex with an infected man or woman. At the time of sex, their semen and vaginal fluids come in contact with each other, there are more chances of spreading this disease.

If you have multiple sex partners and you are having unprotected sex with them, then there is more chance of the disease spreading.

Anal sex and oral sex spread through HIV AIDS. Suppose your partner has a blister in the mouth or if there is a cut it in his mouth. This discharge spreads the disease.

HIV also spreads at the time of blood transmission. This disease spreads even if the blood of an HIV-infected man and goes into someone’s body.

The chances of this are very less, but even if a health worker make a mistake, a healthy person can get HIV due to this.

If an infected person’s organ donates, it can also cause illness.

Used Needles of HIV (full form is Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infected persons and pierced in the body of a healthy person can spread this disease.

If an infected woman is pregnant or she is feeding her children, it spreads HIV.

This disease spreads if an HIV-infected patient bites a healthy man and his blood comes.

If an Infected person involves in deep kissing with his/her partner and there are blisters in his/her mouth, or some kind of cut inside the mouth or there is blood coming in the gums, it also spreads HIV disease.

Although the chances are very low, using another person’s saving insect can also spread HIV. Using the toothbrush of an infected man can also spread the disease.

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