What is HTTP Full Form

HTTP full form is Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It uses for data communication and it is the first base of data communication .HTTP called request-respond protocols when you sent a request to a web server then go through the HTTP protocol.

HTTP is mostly used in a file or page access for any website. It allows people to find information in a web browser.

When a user wants to access a particular page or file in his web browser on the internet then it generates an HTTP server request and sent it to a URL that has a particular page or file which the user needs.

HTTP Full Form

What is HTTP?

The founder of the HTTP protocol is Team Broner Ley. He invents WWW worldwide and then comes to HTTP. The main work of HTTP is Hypertext delivery to client-server.

The actual meaning of HTTP is which the text can link another web page and give actual information that an end-user needs.

HTTP is a coding base language. When you write a text in the coding language then it calls Hypertext. We can transfer the text of one computer to another by using an HTTP server in an HTML base file or text. HTML is a HyperText markup language.

When you interact webserver to finds information then this works done by the HTTP server. Web browser can access only HTTP protocols not other.

Now it’s a higher-level of HTTP available in the market that is HTTPS which is more useful and more secure than HTTP protocols and it also called secure Hypertext.

To communicate any server to a web browser or HTML file or web Pages then the user can use only HTTP or HTTPS server. HTTP links easily to any web browser this is only one way of connecting the server to the web browser.

How does it work?

HTTP works on the client-server model, the client means which accepts the request and it is your browser or your device which has a web browser.

Server means which contain web pages i.e HTML pages. It means which texts are converted HTML file then HTTP protocol operates in the client-server base.

HTTP has three major properties such as Connectionless, Media independent, and thirdly is Stateless.

1 – Connectionless

When the client communicates through the HTTP protocol to the web server after sending the request to the server browser disconnect.

Because the server does not wait for the client’s response and if the client wants to connect to a server then it can connect otherwise it automatically disconnect from the client.

2 – Media Independent

Through using the HTTP server we can send any type of files like text, audio, video, animation, and images and in this process, both client or server is unknown to each other.

3 – Stateless

Server or Clint unknown each to others until both communicate with each other. In this case, does not require to know about the server or which operating system operates them and what is their IP address.

It does not require knowing each other because until they are connected through the HTTP server they do not know each other.

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