What is ICU Full Form

ICU full form is the Intensive care unit. In ICU, there are patients who have severe problems and given a special type of service. The ward in the hospital where this service has given them is called ICU.

There are special wards of ICU in a hospital in which treatment and monitoring work did for very ill people. Health care professionals used in this ward to take care of the patient. There is a special kind of instrument to take care of patients.

ICU Full Form

What is an ICU?

In ICU, special treatment given to those seriously injured patients or ill and requires 24 hours of strict monitoring.

Until an emergency occurs, you will need your doctor’s permission to go to the ICU. Many patients admitted to the ICU, some come directly from the emergency department, others come from another department of the hospital for serious problems in their illness.

Patients in the ICU need constant observation and specialized care. Those in the ICU are cared for whose lives are at risk due to serious illness or accidental injury.

The ICU consists of a specialist team that monitors patients’ health conditions. Secondly, there are special kinds of equipment and beds are also less because only seriously injured patients are taken care of here. Very few people allow meeting the patient.

What are the machines in ICU?

1. Ventilator

The ventilator is used when the patient is so severely injured that he cannot breathe on his own.

2. Heart monitor

A heart monitor looks like a television with colored lines running across the screen. These lines measure the patient’s heart activity.

3. Feeding tube

If a patient is unable to eat normally, with the help of this tube, he is given food through a hole in the nose or in the stomach or in another nerve.

4. Dress and catheter

Dresses used to excrete blood or any other fluid buildup in the body. The catheter tube inserted into the urinary bladder to remove urine.

Why is a patient placed in an ICU?

If the patient needs close monitoring and if someone has undergone surgery, he needs 24-hour monitoring then he kept in the ICU.

For example, if a major surgery or an accident such as a car accident occurs, the patient placed in the ICU. Heart Fail, Kidney Fail, Stroke, Recall Heart attack patients also kept at ICU.

Serious infections such as pneumonia, sepsis also kept in the ICU for treatment, etc.

How is a patient treats in the ICU?

The patients closely monitored by a team from the ICU. Patients connected by a variety of tube wires and a variety of devices. There are usually two nurses for one or two patients.

In the ICU, patients paired with a wide range of machines. ICU machines sound beeps. If there is a change in the condition of the patient, then it makes a noise to attract the attention of the doctors. Patients who cannot eat food attached to several tubes to feed or give other fluids.


Many emergency situations handled with the help of the ICU. Many serious physical conditions handled here at the doctor’s help easily many lives saved due to proper treatment in ICU.

  • ICU = intense care part;
  • SICU = operative ICU;
  • MICU = medical ICU;
  • MSICU = medical/surgical ICU;
  • PICU = pediatric ICU;
  • NICU = infant ICU;
  • Emerg = emergency;
  • Oncol = oncology;
  • CTICU = cardiothoracic ICU;
  • PACU = post-anesthesia care unit:
  • OPD = outpatient department;
  • NS = not stated.

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