What is KTM Full Form

KTM full form is Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen. KTM bike is popular for his styles and speed .Every bike lover wants to buy a KTM bike and specialy youth.

The most popular KTM bike Duke 200. It has a 199.5 ccs air-cooled engine, 13.5L fuel tank, both Rear and Front Disc brake, and sports Naked Bike.

KTM Full Form

About and History of KTM

KTM is an Austrian company which make Motorcycle and sports car manufacture company. This company is operated by both KTM Industries AG and Bajaj Auto.

KTM Industry AG was established in 1992 But now KTM AG is the parent company of KTM groups.

In 1934 an Austrian engineer “Johann Trunkenpolz” has started a car repair shop and then after two years he sold DKW motorcycle and OPEL company car and that time shop name was Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen.

After the world war, his sales decreases then he started his own motorcycle and his first motorcycle R100 was made in 1951 and many parts of this bike were made by Johann Trunkenpolz garage.

An investor his name was “Ernst Kronreif” invest money in this company in 1953 and then this company was registered by name of Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen (KTM).

In 1954 KTM made a bike his mane was R125 Tourist then a Grand Tourist scoter also was made by KTM.

The most important fact is KTM won the Austrian National Championship in 1954 then KTM was popular after that year.

After death of Johann Trunkenpolz, his son Erich Trunkenpolz manages his company. Erich Trunkenpolz was developing his company in that year employee of KTM was more than 400.

After40 years KTM company made 42 different types of motorcycle models and the company makes Motors with Radiators which European Automobile manufacturers used .

Due to the lone delay, KTM company ownership was transfer to the lender bank .

In 1992 the company was divided into four-part such as

  1. KTM Sports motorcycle GMBH(Motorcycle Division)
  2. KTM Fahrrad GMBH(Bicycle Division)
  3. KTM Kuhler GMBH(Radiator Division)
  4. KTM Werkzeugbau GMBH(Tooling Division).

The most popular bike DUKE series made in 1994 then 1997 LC4 Supermoto bike made and then in 2007 Indian motorcycle Bajaj buy 14.5% share of KTM then in 2013. Now Bjaja had 47.9% share of KTM.

KTM sports motorcycle GMBS’s name was changed to KTM AG in 2012. In 2015 the company grew up to 1 Billion Euros and his employee was 2500.

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