What is LNG Full Form

LNG full form is Liquefied Natural Gas. Liquified Natural Gas( LNG) means that Natural Gas converted into a liquid form called LNG. It is a cooled natural gas its temperature approximately -260F.

Demands for LNG growing worldwide because the world turns toward a cleaner source of energy. It is an alternative source of fuel that is most cost-effective and it develops in 1964.

The demand for LNG grows 5% approximately annually and by 2025, its demands increasing 430 tunes annually.LNG is orderlies, colorless, and non-corrosive. It largely composed of methane (90% to 85%).

LNG Full Form

How LNG Transferred?

Its primary stage is methane and also have a low concentration of other hydrocarbons such as water, carbon dioxide, Nitrogen, and sulfur compounds, these compound are removing from natural gas by the boiling process this process known as liquefication.

For store and transfer LNG gas trunks tankers specially designed. For transport large amounts of LNG, the tankers designed thermally insulated. This tanker has four to six tanks and a combination of a ballast tank.

In worldwide many countries are importing LNG such as South Korea, Japan, European Counties, and the United States import a few amounts of LNG gas and these countries have 91 receiving terminals.

Now For store Natural gas, the most common process is underground under pressure because the underground level has the capacity to hold a large amount of natural gas and safely store for a long time in feature use.

Use Of Liquified Natural Gas

LNG(Liquified Natural Gas) has many benefits like it burns cleaner without emitting carbon dioxide and it also emitted up to 40% greenhouse gas.

LNG used as a fule of vehicle and generator to produce electricity. By use, this gas most of the power plants in the U.S built and run.

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