What is LPG Full Form

LPG full form is Liquefied Petroleum Gas. It is mainly petroleum gas. Heating petroleum at 30°C gives petroleum gas and then compressed and brought it to liquid form. This liquid form is called LPG.

Petroleum gas has a lot of gas mixtures. It is mainly a mixture of Propane and Butane and it is also found with some amount of Ethan.

The LPG that comes in the cylinder has a liquid form because in it petroleum gas is poured into that gas cylinder with very high pressure.

When the LPG comes out of the cylinder, they again go back to the gaseous state and start burning easily.

Petroleum gas is colorless and tasteless, so it is mixed with Ethyl Mercaptan. So that when there is leakage in the cylinder it is easily detected. Through this that the danger is known and the accident can be easily avoided.

50 kilojoules of energy released in combustion of 1 gram of LPG. While burning, the color light of LPG is blue.

LPG nowadays mostly used in cooking. LPG is also being used in vehicles nowadays.

Nowadays, more LPG gas used in India. Through the scheme of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, LPG is reaching every household.

LPG Full Form

Different Between LPG and CNG 

LPG mainly used in the kitchen also used in vehicles and CNG used in vehicles as fuel.

LPG gas is heavy and CNG gas is very light.

Burning LPG causes more pollution than CNG but there is much less pollution in CNG.

LPG is a mixture of many gases. CNG made by compressing natural gas.

In LGP mostly these gas( Propane, Butane, and Ethne ) are present, whereas Methane is the main component of CNG.

LPG  found in a liquid state at high temperatures and as a gas at normal temperatures, whereas CNG needs only less than 0 degrees to be liquefied.

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