What is LTE Full Form

LTE  full form is long-term evolution. It is a wireless broadband technology that we use to increase speed and capacity in our network. The first LTE network launched for the public in 2009.

LTE is not real 4G it is 3.9G which is very close to 4G. LTE has an uploading speed rate is 50 Mbps and its downloading speed rate is 100mbps.

It carries 1.4 MHz bandwidth up to 20 MHz. LTE supports the FDD and TDD standard.

LTE Full Form

Need for It?

LTE was used to upgrade from 3G to 4G. Earlier, when 4G was made, it was unable to provide accurate speed and quality calling according to the standard of 4g.

Although the network was 4G, it provided very little speed and it was very difficult for users to surf the internet.

Telecom operators cannot update from direct 3G to 4G so quickly because they had no proper network nor proper hardware.

The telecom operator gradually used LTE to reach a bandwidth of 4g. After that LTE came into the market.

Then ITU-R (International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunication Sector) thought that if these LTE networks provide good speed than 3G, then they can give it a 4G LTE name.

But till then the 4g that is received is not real 4g. It will show the signal of 4g but will not get the network of 4g.

What is LTE+

LTE+ is an upgraded version of LTE. LTE was not true 4g. It is 3.9g. The LTE+ updated to make it LTE+ whose criteria match the criteria of around 4g and it would not be wrong if we spoke true 4g.

The problem with LTE was it could handle that one signal of frequency at a time. In this case, the advanced version worked on and LTE+ came out.

LTE+ comes with many amazing technologies in which MIMO(Multiple In Multiple Out) was one of that, and cellular aggregation also employed here.

This LTE+ network can handle different signals at different frequencies and due to cellular aggregation, different 4g networks can also receive signals simultaneously.

It happened that the speed of LTE+ started getting much higher than LTE. Here the downloading speed is 300 Mbps and your uploading speed is 100 Mbps. That why it called as true 4G


LTE full for is Long term evolution where VoLTE full from is voice overLong term evolution

We call LTE Normal 4g and VoLTE we call True 4g.

LTE made only for internet usage and VoLTE made for quality voice calling along with the internet.

In LTE, if a call came, the internet switched off and then automatically switched on after the call cut. This means that in LTE the call and internet cannot run simultaneously but in VoLTE, along with the call, the Internet can also be used well.

The quality of the call that you make in LTE will be normal and the call of VoLTE is of HD quality.

Third-party applications like WhatsApp, Skype, and Google Duo required to make video calls in LTE. There is no need for any third-party application in VoLTE. A direct video calling feature is available in VoLTE.

VoLTE smartphones are more expensive than LTE smartphones because VoLTE supports almost all the 4g features in LTE.

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