What is MC Full Form

MC Full form is the menstrual cycle. It is the process of discharging biological fluids from a female vagina every month and other things like cellular debris discharge.

It is a natural process that changes the reproductive system of the female, which is also responsive to pregnancy.

Mensuration begins at the age of 10 to 15 years in every female. When MC is in the puberty stage this starts stage called menarche.

The mensuration end time called menopause. The duration of the menstrual period is 28 days but in many women, it is 20 to 40 days.

MC Full Form

How does the Mensuration Cycle(MC) work?

The menstrual cycle(MC) controlled by a group of hormones. It formed by two structures in the brain by the pituitary gland and ovary and made by the hypothalamus.

It contains LH( luteinizing hormone), FSH(Follicle-stimulating hormone ), Estrogen, and Progesterone Hormone Involve.

Mensuration Cycle General Overview

The mensuration cycle (MC) has a lot of stages and it can be different for every woman and can also change with time.

Day 1 to 5: The first menstruation bleeding considered the first day of the menstruation cycle (MC). The duration of menstruation building is 5 days but it can also be from 3 to 8 days. The first 2 days of menstrual bleeding are the heaviest.

Day 6 to 14:  Once the bleeding stops, the lower layer of the uterus also called the endometrium, starts to prepare for the possibility of pregnancy. The lower layer of the uterus becomes thin and enriched in blood nutrients.

Day 14 to 25:  Around day 14, an egg comes out from the ovary and starts its journey from the fallopian tube to Uterus.

If sperm is present on the fallopian tube at this time, fertilization may occur. In this condition, the fertilized egg will travel to the Uterus and try to implant in the wall of the Uterus.

Day 25 to 28:  If the egg is not fertilized and implantation is not done, then hormonal changes signal the Uterus to prepare their layer, and the egg breaks and sheds off with the endometrium player.

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