NGO Full Form

NGO Full Form: Non-governmental Organization

NGO full form is Non-Governmental Organization. The main objective of an NGO is social welfare. These are private organizations that do public welfare and social service.

Society served in a different way from NGOs such as providing houses and food for poor people to live.

There are so many people in the world who become victims of oppression, Some people throw their old parents out of the house, somewhere women are left alone due to divorce or widow, and many other women become victims of such acid attacks when they are not adopted by society, the only support they have is NGOs.

Apart from helping these suffering people, NGOs also work to take care of the environment and the country.

NGO means Non-Government Organization. This institution does not come under the government, it opened by a private person or organization.

To give education, to take care of health, to take care of the environment, to protect the rural villager, many of the works done by NGOs.

Hanse non-governmental work is done, there is no government intervention in their work. NGOs work for the welfare of society and it first started in America.

NGO Full Form

How do NGO work?

Seven or more person required to run an NGO. A single person cannot run an NGO. This is done not to benefit oneself but to benefit others or society.

NGO run groups work on social reform and these groups bring social reform in any way as you may have heard, they adopt and employ women suffering from acid attacks.

Some NGOs help people by going from place to place and some help the old people. There two types of NGOs Registered NGO, Unknown Registered NGO.

It is an advantage to register NGOs that there is little help from the government in social welfare but in a non-registered NGO there is no help from the government. Non registered NGO works on its own.

There around 3.2 million registered NGOs operating in India. All Central Societies in India operate inside the central society act art.

What are the functions of a non-governmental organization?

These NGOs do a lot of work to bring positive changes in society. In the form of love, like feeding the poor, giving good education to poor people, sending poor children to school, giving homes to poor people, planting trees, working for water conservation, taking steps to stop pollution, working for tribals problem, helping people struggling with disease and helping orphans.

How it get funding?

The NGO gets a little help from the government. NGOs also get funds in the way your rich people donate. Sometimes arrange for a special function or show arrangement give money to NGOs in which celebrities give all the money earned in the show to NGOs. NGOs also collect money from charity.

After all, NGOs are working on social welfare and helping victims of oppression. Anyone can open a registered NGO to help people. There is a central society act to register an NGO in India.

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