What is NRC Full Form

NRC full form is  National Register of Citizens. It was first implemented in the state of Assam in 1951. It is done to know their houses, their property, and their citizens in the state of Assam.

The demand for updating NRC is first raised by the All Assam Students Union in 1975. Assam has a population of 33 million.

Assam is the first state to have updated NRC. The NRC process started in 2013 as per the Supreme Court order.

NRC Full Form

The basic purpose of NRC

Actually, the basic objective of the NRC update is to identify between foreign and Indian citizens in the state.

Organizations like All Assam Students Union and more citizens of Assam claim that Bangladeshi refugees have robbed them of their rights. They also involved in various criminal activities happening in the state.

That is why Assam citizens claim that Bangladeshi refugees should be deported to their country.

Data About NRC

The government has spent more than 1200 crores on the NRC process. It also included 55000 government personnel.

Around 64.4 million documents rigorously examined in the entire NRC process.

After all, who is a citizen of Assam?

Under the Assam Accord, people living in Assam before 25 March 1971 are considered citizens of Assam. They have to give some documents to prove that they are the citizens of India.

  • Electoral roll till 25 March 1971
  • NRC of 1951
  • Rent and Government record
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Resident Certificate
  • Bank and LIC Document
  • Passport
  • Educational Certificate and Court Order
  • Permanent Resident Certificate
  • Refugee Registration Certificate
  • Also In NRC, the citizens of Assam also have to give some documents to prove that their ancestors were located in Assam.
  • Land Certificate
  • Bord University Certificate
  • Bank LIC Postal Record
  • Ration Card
  • Name in Voter List
  • Marriage Certificate and Legally Accepted All Documents

How NRC updated?

Citizens who claim that they are from Assam, you must submit any of the above documents and those who say that they are native to Assam must also show their relationship with their ancestors.

The final list in Assam released on 31 August 2019, 1906657 people not included in this list. About 3.11 crore have been included on the basis of NRC, about 3.29 crore people have applied for NRC

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