What is NSO Full Form

NSO full form is National Science Olympiad. NSO is an exam that is taken at the school level, national and international levels. Students from 1st to 12th grade can attend this exam.

This includes Science, Mathematics, English, computer main subject. In addition, students can participate in Hindi, history, Gk subjects also.

This exam is also taken in most of country and language for this exam is choses according to that countries national language.

The Olympiad exam takes place at both the public and private levels. The exam is held in the country on the third Sunday of January every year.

The Olympiad exam is administered by various organizations such as SOF (Science olympiad foundation), HBCSE ( Home baba center for science education), SVF (Silver version foundation), IAPT (Indian association of physics teachers), BP (Bhaskaracharya pratistha).

NSO Full Form

Benefits of the National Science Olympiad

  • Identify talented students: These exams’ main motto is finding hidden talent among students.
  • The motivation for best results: This is because the structure of this exam is based on competitiveness. So a student needs the motivation to get the best results. As a result, he performs well.
  • Confidence increased: If the student is able to score well and earn a rank, the student will also increase the confidence of his or her parents. He can do anything in the future in this related subject.
  • Understanding improved: No root learning is available here that’s why you have to be deeply focused on your understanding. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to pass this exam.
  • Improve analytical reasoning: It is easier to pass the exam in reasoning. Which is mostly helpful for IIT and JEE exams.
  • Knowledge needs to be enhanced: If the student takes the NSO exam on a different subject. His knowledge is greatly enhanced and it is of great benefit to him when he goes to a higher standard.
  • Logical thinking and improving the brain: Preparing for this exam greatly improves the student’s brain and logical thinking also improves. This is because easy questions are not asked in this exam. This is why the student’s knowledge increases.
  • The platform to show talent: This exam creates a platform. In which the primary student can show off his skills at the international level.
  • Improved skill: To win the competition, you need some kind of new strategy and skill. This exam gives students a chance to learn various subjects such as an analytical question, reasoning can also learn to solve questions and manage time.
  • Improved school study and marks: school syllabus and Olympiad syllabus are the same. So indirectly any student who can study Olympiad can score well in school.
  • Bright future: Scoring a mark in this exam and preparing for the exam makes a student smart in different ways.
  • Prize: When a student gets a prize, he or she becomes very motivated to do well.


  • Students can be talented while in school.
  • Students can score well in school exams.
  • The child’s strong foundation can now be built.
  • Can strengthen a child’s future for a strong foundation.
  • After the result, the child can judge his position whether he or she is at the national level, or
    At the state, or regional level.
  • As a result, the child will know his or her weak subject and strong subject so that they will have to improve themselves.
  • There are many benefits to taking an NSO exam like it is helpful for IIT and JEE competitive exams in the future.

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