What is PHD Full Form

PHD Full form is a Doctor of Philosophy. It is a higher degree course. After completing PhD degree, a doctor prefix is attached to your name which is a very good thing.

This is a doctoral degree means it is the highest dree, but it is not so easy to do this course. To do this, you have to keep a lot of hard work as well as a lot of patients. You cannot directly do this degree course.

To do this course you have to pass out of school and college. Only then you will be eligible for this PhD course. You can become a professor or lecturer in a college after PhD. If you want, you can also pursue a career in the field of research or analysis.

After doing PhD, you will have full knowledge of any one subject. That is, you will be known as an expert in any subject.

Moreover, you have to bring more and more marks in that particular subject in which you are doing PhD and if you talk about college, then you can choose the college according to your state.

Before doing PhD, you have to keep these things in mind, in whatever subject you have an interest or in whatever subject you have passed 12th, you will also have to complete a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in the same subject.

With this, you will not face any kind of problem in doing PhD. If you are taking interest in one’s subject from the beginning, then you will get a lot of benefit in doing PhD.

PHD Full Form


It will take you at least 3 years to do PhD. Even if your PhD is not completed in 3 years, you can do it at most for 6 years. It depends on you how many years you complete your PhD.

Age limit

There is no minimum age limit in HD. Your upper age limit for doing PhD should be 55 years.You cannot do HD after 55 years.


Your graduation should be complete.

Your master’s degree should also be completed.

You need at least 55% to 60% and the percentage for the entrance exam. It varies from college to college.

Course fee

There is no fix on how much it will cost to do PhD because the course of each college is also different.

If you are doing PhD in a private college than a government college, then you will be spending a lot more.

If you are doing PhD inside the government, then you do not spend at all, plus you get paid for study material which is also for books and notebooks.

How to do PhD ?

To do PhD, first, you have to pass 12th and choose the subject in which you have an interest. Moreover, you have to pass the 12th with a good mark and at least a 60% mark is required.

After passing out on the 12th, you have to give an entrance exam in your favorite subject. After passing out of the exam, you have to complete the graduation from your chosen subject.

Then even with a Bachelor’s degree, you have to get the best numbers and you need at least a 60% mark.After graduation successfully complete, you have to apply for post-graduation.

In which subject you have completed your Bachelor’s degree, you will have to complete a master’s degree in the same subject. It will give you an advantage in PhD. Once you completed your master’s degree now you are eligible to attend the entrance exam for PhD.

You need more than 60% marks in 12th, Bachelor Degree, and Master Degree. So that you do not have to face any problem with the entrance exam.

Entrance Exams After Bachelor degree

After completing master’s degree, you will have to apply for UGC NET (University Grants Commission, the National Eligibility Test) test and clear that exam as well.

Previously it was not an exam, but now this exam has been compulsory to do PhD.

As soon as you clear the UGC NET exam, you are now eligible to give PhD entrance. You have to give the entrance exam of the college in which you have to study.

Every university conducts its own exam and without this exam, you will not get admission to that college university.

After clearing that exam, you can complete your studies by taking admission to that college. So in this way you can get PhD degree and get maximum knowledge in your favorite subject.

Benefits of doing PhD

This is a high degree course and after doing PhD full form is Doctor of Philosophy, you will be called an expert in your field. After doing PhD, you can become a lecturer or professor in any college or you can also do research analysis.

You can apply for any job position after PhD. Those doing PhD also called Creators of information. After doing PhD, you will get all the knowledge of your field.

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