What is PMKVY Full Form

PMKVY full form is Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana. It’s a training scheme operated by the Government of India. The aim is that Indian citizens will get proper work training as per their interest.

To make this scheme successful, the Government of India has created a new Ministry Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

The current PMKVY scheme is within MSD(Ministry of Skill Development). The objective of PMKVY is to encourage school dropouts and college dropouts to cultivate skills within themselves.

PMKVY also gives jobs to people who have skills but due to no experience certificate, they are not getting any work. They can make their living by taking training under the PMKVY.

After the training is over, he can find his own work, or else according to his ability, the Government of India provides an appropriate job for that candidate.

For those who complete their training under PMKVY along with their certificate, they also rewarded with some money for encouragement.

PMKVY Full Form

Features of PMKVY

Under PMKVY, if a third party imparting training associated with the skill department organization of the government, It will be evaluated internationally.

With this, those taking training will be able to get high industry-driven training. The training organization or agency will be given a target according to the need of the people, which work is to be given and where to train.

Under PMKVY, individuals will be trained to keep in mind the scheme run by the Government of India like Make in India, Swachh Bharat, Digital India, National Solar Mission, etc.

In the PMKVY, special attention paid to the dropouts, mostly in the 10th or 12th class and youth of Jammu and Kashmir because unemployed youth come quickly to the wrong people.

In this, training will also be given to these people who have experience but do not have any experience letter so that they can increase their skills by taking training and also get experience letter.

The citizens taking training in this training scheme will also get money as a reward. How much reward price they will get, It depends on the training in which sector they are taking the training. The high reward provided to trainees who taking training in construction or plumbing lines.

District level skills department fair started to make people aware of PMKVY. In this fair, it is the participation of the government and members of Parliament.

Each training taker also trained for personal development cleanliness and good work like morality.

How is training taken care of PMKVY?

It not only provides training but also keeps a close watch on it so that no wrong training given to the trainees.

The Skill Council Department instructs the training teachers to make video recordings while training. At the time of evaluation, the assessors sent to the training center to know the quality of training.

Skill council department ensures that the work that is imparted is being done in the market means that the course content is practical and real.

What happens after training?

After finishing someone’s training, they also work to find work for the trainees. Once the training is over, the students prize money to their bank account by direct transfer.

How to apply for PMKVY?

To apply this, first, you have to go to its official website. You have to put some details on the website and you can talk to the direct training center. They will tell you about their training details

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