PNG Full Form

PNG Full Form: Portable Network Graphics

PNG full form is Portable Network Graphics. Its image is a file format in which more quality photos can be found than other file formats. PNG also supports transparent photos.

When we create a website, we mostly want transparent photos. Because there is no background transparent in other image formats like Jpg, Jpeg, etc. PNG format is perfect for making quality Photos.

The best thing about PNG is that it edited easily when designing or changing it. If you are changing the background of a PNG image, then this PNG photo changes automatically according to the background, and the output image is very good.

Even after editing, you get lossless quality in PNG, you get the same quality image as before. PNG used in the blueprint logo, graph, drawing.

PNG Full Form

Why did PNG come to the market?

PNG is called the replacement of a GIF file.

The company that held the patent of GIF used to charge some payment to get its license. But just for the license of the GIF format, no one wanted to pay so much money.

Then PNG format launched in the market and also it’s free for everyone. PNG also supported a lot of colors and higher image compression.

It’s a very good format for bitmap and rester images.PNG called a bitmap image because it contains an index caller bitmap.

PNG is also called the savior of GIFs because PNG files are easily compressed like GIF files, but the copyright issue is not taking care of.


PNG developed in 1995. GIF files used to support only 256th color in the first GIF FILE.PNG format tabulated to correct this deficiency. All colors supported in PNG.

Advantages of PNG

  • PNG Supports lots of colors and different types of patterns
  • PNG is perfect for photo editing because it has a solid color and sharp edges.
  • It creates a low-resolution image, that’s why it loads very quickly and at the same time it is very good to look at.
  • The main feature of PNG is that it supports transparency.
  • Animator design emanating from PNG is in the format of MNG and APNG. This edited design supports in every browser.

Disadvantages of PNG

  • PNG is not good as JPEG for photographs because the PNG file is too large.

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