What is RAM Full Form

Ram full form is Random Access Memory. A random-access memory device allows data items to be read or written data inside the memory.

RAM is volatile means it retained data is in as long as the computer or mobile is on, and data lost when the device is turned off.

When you install a game on your mobile device or computer, it is installed in direct internal storage. When you click on the game, RAM comes in handy.

Use of RAM to play the game is done. In the meantime, very fast information is exchanged between CPU and RAM.

If your device’s RAM is low and you start using heavyweight applications, then mobile hangs. Therefore it is said that for multi-tasking, devices with more RAM are needed.

RAM Full Form

Let’s understand this with an example

Suppose you are sitting in an office, you need a file to work and that file is kept in another room. So when you have to work, you will go to another room and bring that file.

You will start doing our work, but t also there comes a time at which you have to do a lot of work together. So for this, you will need a lot of files and to keep a lot of files you will also need very big decks and you will have to go very often.

When you have to do whatever works, then you will start working by picking up that file from the desk. When your work finish, you will keep all those files in the same room from where I brought them.

The Ram you have on mobile or computer does something similar. In this, the file containing the room considered as internal memory on the mobile, computer. In which all your files and applications are there.

And the desk on which you work called Ram. So here its work is to run by bringing you according to your order. Because it takes a few seconds to run an application.

This is possible because the speed of Ram is very fast. So you can guess from this that the amount spent in making a 16GB memory card is only 1GB of RAM.

When any file of the CPU needed, Ram works to send it as quickly as possible.

How much RAM needed nowadays??

If seen nowadays, any mobile should have 2GB RAM because nowadays the size of the application increasing day by day.

The higher the RAM on the mobile, the better the RAM in the mobile cannot be increased. On the computer, you can set RAM according to your usage, and later if you need, you can also change your Ram.

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