SOS Full Form

SOS Full Form: Si Opus Sit/ Save Our Ship Or Save Our Souls

SOS full form is ‘Si Opus Sit’ which suggests ‘if needed’. It is a word which uses in an emergency. If a person trapped somewhere in the desert or in the sea, where there is no nomination of the human being, then the time SOS is resorted to.

You get SOS to write in such a large area that it can be easily seen even from the sky. A helicopter going, by the way, can see the symbol and rescue the survivors.

Direct means is that you have to show a lot in an emergency, seeing which the result of rescue or someone else can help you in that Dangerous situation.

In history to send an SOS message, they use the Morse Code technique. In SOS S denoted as three dots, O is denoted as three phases and again S is denoted as three dots. Ex SOS(…—…)

SOS Full Form

History of SOS

1 st April in 1905 was promoted by the German government via radio signals. Later on, Fast July 1908, it was used worldwide.

SOS feature in Mobile

The SOS feature has also come in mobile, especially in Android or iOS. For this, you have to go to the settings in mobile, s.o.s. The feature has to be turned on.

After that, it will ask you some details and after giving you a lot, that SOS feature will be turned on in your mobile.

But if you are in an emergency situation or in Dangerous situations, then you have to press the power three times.

This button is different in every mobile, and your location sent with your message to your sucked number.

This will help you that you can easily escape from a Dangerous Situation.

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