TCS Full Form

TCS Full Form: Tata Consultancy Services

TCS full form is Tata Consultancy Service. It is a multinational IT company in India and the headquarter of this company is in Mumbai.

TCS Company started on 1 April 1968. This company falls under the Tata group and the start-up was done by the Tata son division.

If we talk about its annual revenue, its total revenue till 2019 was 20. 9 billion USD. Speaking of operating income, its operating income is about 5.3 billion.

It is a very big company in India. Its asset is so vast and this company has many branches in India. Its number of employees is about 424285 which is very big and only such employees are working in TCS.

The parent company of TCS is the Tata Group.TCS was ranked 64 in the World Wide.TCS has achieved a market capitalization of 100 billion USD which is a very big thing for an Indian company.

TCS Full Form

History of TCS

TCS was started by JRD Tata. Its founder is Tata sons and TCS company and it was started 51 years ago. Its headquarter is located in Maharashtra Mumbai, India.

If we talk about its service, then there is an outsourcing service, IT services, consultancy service, and management service provided by TCS.

TCS IPO(Initial public offering) was launched in 2004 and PCS was listed on the Stock Exchange in 2004.

TCS valuation

It has completed a Hundred Billion Dollars and what makes it India’s largest company. If we talk about the whole world, then TCS is the ninth-largest IT company in the world.

*Let’s talk a funny fact *

Across Pakistan, there are 559 companies listed on the stock exchange and their total value is 80 billion dollars and the value of TCS is 100 billion dollars.

Accordingly, the value of TCS alone is more than the whole of Pakistan.LOL…

TCS revenue Model

Though TCS is an IT company their main job is outsourcing. Apart from this, TCS provides service like

Application Development & Support 

TCS developed applications and software as well. As you know TCS is an IT company, therefore it provides all IT services like application development, Software Development, and its support.

Most of the best software developed by TCS. In India, most of Government IT projects TCS takes.

Enterprise solution 

TCS also provides enterprise solutions by which TCS generates its 15% of revenue.

License cell 

TCS is also making a good amount of money through license sales. License cell means its resale of the original product. For example, you have to buy a Microsoft office package for your company. In India TCS takes its resale responsibility.

TSC resale it and not only resale it it also provides support of that. There is no such big software that TCS doesn’t have for license cells. Ex: oracle, tally ETC

IT asset sale 

TCS also sells IT assets like desktop, Laptop, and its accessories to generate revenue.

What are the major expenses of TCS?

Do you know that? TCS is spending the most on the salary and support of its employees.TCS spends 50% of his money on the salary and support of employees.

The remaining 20% of the admin goes to cost such as the day to day expenses for running the company, their own company costs.

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