What is UPS Full Form

UPS full form is Uninterrupted Power Supplies. That is to say, you will get the power supply without interruption.

UPS is mainly used in computer systems to provide a power supply computer by UPS when the main power line is cut. UPS is used so that we can shut down our computer in a good way and its data can also be saved.

Suppose you are preparing a presentation on your computer and at the same time if your current is gone, all the work you have done will be gone and you will have to do that work again.

Along with this, if the computer is not shut down properly. The chances of the motherboard burning are high and it can also corrupt the windows. In view of all these things, UPS was built and most of it is visible in today’s computers.

UPS Full Form

Working of ups

There is a 220V (Volt) current supply in India and UPS is directly connected to this supply. This 200V AC(Alternating Current) current is given to a rectifier that converts AC to DC.

This DC current is given to the battery. The battery charged. In normal conditions i.e. when there is power, the UPS battery keeps charging.

The same DC supply is also supplied to inverters and the inverter converts this DC current to AC with the help of MOSFET.

The output from the inverter is not a proper sinewave. It is made with a filter CTM FILTER to create a proper sinewave.

This sinewave is given to the transformer. The sine wave that comes out of the inverter is 12 volts and the transformer steps it up to 220 volts. It is given to the computer so that the computer runs well.

Types of ups

UPS is mainly of two types Single Phase UPS and Three Phase UPS

Single-phase UPS is mainly used for computers. Three-phase UPS manufacturing industry is done at places like sugar mill, power plant, steel plant, etc.

Because the critical load at these places is very high, that’s why a Three-phase UPSis used to manage all these things.

What happens after the main current cut?

The main current cut provides a 12v DC current to the battery inverter charged after the cut.

After the inverter converts that DC current to AC but as we know the output of the inverter is not the proper sinewave. It is brought to the proper sine wave by the CTM filter.

And then it delivered to the transformer and the transformer steps-up the 12v current to 220 volts and gives it to the computer. This is how UPS works.


Sometimes even if the voltage is automatically low, there is no effect on the computer because UPS can easily adjust the high voltage.UPS provides electricity without interacting and is small in size.

Backup timing of ups

UPS comes with 15 minutes 30 minutes and 15 minutes backup. The backup capacity depends on battery size capacity. The larger the battery capacity, the longer the backup.

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