What is URL Full Form

URL full form is Uniform Resource Locator. The URL is a basic website address that we put in the address bar of the browser.

It is a formatted text string that is used in a web browser, email client, or any other software to access this network resource.

The network resource can be any file like that We webpage, a text document, program, and graphic. The URL was designed in such a way that it is very easy to remember.

Tim Berners-Lee first introduced the URL in 1992. URL has the main 3 parts are protocol designation, hostname and address file, and Domain Name.

Special characters used to separate all these substrings. For example:https://webfullform.com

URL Full Form

Uniform Resource Locator Substring

Protocol designation: This protocol defines network protocols so that any network research can be easily accessed. These substrings are of 4 or 5 characters and followed by three special characters. for example http:// or https://.

URL first comes in. URL used to communicate between your browser and you and your web server. This is a typical protocol conversation denoting protocol definition. Typical protocols such as HTTP and FTP etc.

Host Name and Address: Any destination computer or network device can be identified with the hostname and address. This hostname is an IP address that can be technically termed as DNS. The hostname does not always represent a single computer, it sometimes refers to a group of servers.

This hostname was given because it is not so easy to remember the IP-address and we can remember the character more than the number. And we can easily remember the name of any website or URL of the website.

Domain Name: this puts your website into one of the categories. For example, .com puts the website in one category. However, .in also puts it in another category.

This divides the basic website into a category.

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