What is USA Full Form

USA full form is the United States of America. It comes under the North American continent. America owns the world’s second-largest nuclear power.

The population of the USA is around 325720000. The largest city in the USA is New Work and its capital is Washington DC.

The currency of the USA is USD i.e United States Dollar which is a very famous currency worldwide.

The official language of the USA is English but Spanish, Chinese, and French also is seen here. The famous statue of the USA ( Statue of Liberty ), France gifted this to America.

USA Full Form

History of America

It said that 27,000 years ago when the ice age began, some Mongoloid tribesmen came from Siberia and settled in America.

Before that, there was no human identification in North America. Mongoloid are first settled in America.

In 1492 a Spanish sailor named Christopher Columbus discovered these people. After that discovery, it named America.

After that, a lot of Europeans came to America and gradually they killed the native tribals of America and started enslaving them.

Europeans and native tribals fight with each other for a long period of time and native tribal began to vanish from America. After some time the British also went there and formed their own colony from it.

Some Europeans had settled there before the British come to America, and all these Europeans liberated America from Britain on the 4th of July 1776.

George Washington became the first President of the USA and after that many battles fought between whites and blacks in America. But America not yet a developed country.

After the first World War, the dominance of the European country completely ended, their industry and business came and settled in America. America started to provide the goods needed in Europe or Africa.

Similarly, America became a very powerful and wealthy country after the first World War, and today it is known as a developed country.

The Real Meaning United States?

There is a total of 50 states in the USA and some union territories. Meaning, all these states connected together, but it is all free. If the state government wants, then each state can take the decision.

The Central Government does not make any counterclaim by taking the decision of the State Government or by making it executive.

That is why all the states are linked together but it is free, hence it is called the United States of America.

Some extra fact about the USA

The highest gambling played in America, the amount of about 30 lakh crores in a year makes these people fly away. Nearly 33% of the total population of the USA is overweight.

Big companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook are from America. About 47% of people in the US have a profession associated with computers or technology. Nearly 90% use the Internet in America.

It takes at least 5 years to get citizenship in America. If someone marries an American, then he gets citizenship in 3 years.

In the US, 20 percent of people die due to cigarette smoking.IN the US, 23% of people die due to medical treatment.

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