What is VPN Full Form

VPN full form is Virtual private network. It used to access some block websites on the Internet or to hide its identity.

Suppose you use the Internet and you want to access some of the sites that banned in the country or your colleges. VPN used to access that block website.

By using a VPN, your Internet service provider or ISP does not know which website the user is accessing.

VPN Full Form

How does it work?

Like, usually in college, movie download sites, etc. are banned. Meaning that the college gives a list of some websites to its Internet service provider(ISP) and says that if someone wants to access this site using this internet, then it should be stopped there.

And after using that college’s WiFi, if a user wants to access these websites blocked by the IPS of that college, then the user unable to do it and gets an error message.

To solve all these types of problems, VPN used, with the help of which the blocking website accessed very easily. This is an awesome technology.

Working Process of VPN

When we search for some websites on the Internet, first the Internet Protocol (IP) address of this website goes to the Internet service provider(ISP).

Then IPS checks whether the IP address that the user has given him is blocked or not. If it is not blocked, IPS directs the user to the website or web address. If blocked, block the user right there.

Whenever users use a VPN, it first goes to the virtual private server(VPS) and encrypts that data, and sends it to the Internet service provider.

This does not let the internet service provider know which address the user has searched because the internet service provider gets the IP of the virtual private server VPS which is not blocked.

And the Internet service provider, seeing the IP of the VPS, allows him to access that website while the fake platform inside it contains the website given by the user.

Basically speaking, VPN works as a third party between the user and the Internet service provider.

It takes the data from the user and encrypts it, and gives it to the ISP. Similarly, the block site accessed using a VPN.

What is the MPLS VPN Full Form?

The most commonly used service by VPN service Providers is MPLS VPN. A special feature of MPLS VPN is that it provides layer3 virtual private network service to the user.

In this VPL the user gets to see Layer-2 benefits as well as some advancements of Layer-3. It is very flexible to use.

The private IP address is used in Layer-2 VPN is very less and the number of users is high, then many users are working on the schema of the IP address.

There is a lot of confusion in it. MPLS VPN separates the infrastructure of all the users and they get the necessary service.

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