VoLTE Full Form

VoLTE Full Form: Voice over Long-Term Evolution

 VoLTE full form is Voice over Long-Term Evolution. It means that the calls you make are through the 4g network using the LTE network. This gives you the ability to make HD quality calls and along with that your calls connect quickly, calls do not drop and the voices also come very clear. When making calls at the time when VoLTE was not there, you used to call using the minimum...


PNG Full Form

PNGFull Form: Portable Network Graphics
PNG full form is Portable Network Graphics. Its image is a file format in which more quality photos can be found than other file formats. PNG also supports transparent photos. When we create a website, we mostly want transparent photos. Because there is no background transparent in other image formats like Jpg, Jpeg, etc. PNG format is perfect for making quality Photos.The best thing about PNG is that it edited easily when designing or changing it...


EMAIL Full Form

EMAIL Full Form: Electronic Mail
EMAIL Full Form is electronic mail. You can send an email in a few moments anywhere in the world and that too absolutely free. And if someone has sent an email to you, you can also receive and read it in a few moments. When there was no internet in the world, people used to send information to each other through the Letter. To send the letter the first one has to take the envelope or any stamped letter. Some important information in that letter is ...