GPS Full Form

GPS Full Form:Global Positioning System
GPS full form is a Global positioning system. It was first launched by the American AirForce and its official name is NAVSTAR GPS(Navigation Satelite Timing and Ranging System). GPS is a US program and it is the most popular because it is free. Apart from this, Russia has GLONASS, China has BEIDOU, and European countries have GALILEO as their own GPS program. At the time of the Kargil War, America refused to provide GPS to India. That is why India launched its GPS program ...


CPU Full Form

CPUFull Form: Central processing unit
CPU Full form is the central processing unit. It's also called the electronic brain of the computer. The CPU in a computer usually looks like a chip and it controls various devices connected to the computer. The CPU manages and organizes all the information coming from the user and the one who does all this work is called the processor. The processor made up of many components such as an arithmetic unit and control unit. In simple language, CPU ...


HTTP Full Form

Full form of HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol

HTTP full form is Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It uses for data communication and it is the first base of data communication .HTTP called request-respond protocols, when you sent a request to a web server then go through the HTTP protocol.HTTP is mostly used in a file or page access for any website. It allows people to find information in a web browser.When a user wants to access a particular page or file in his web browser on the internet then...